It is hard to define the people who work at Poderi e Cantine Oddero as a simple group of workers. We are a community, almost like an extended family
Our relations go beyond the professional and become personal and trusted. We have all known each other for years, and for just as long we have worked together under the same roof. Our families know each other, and enjoy one other’s company.
Some of our workers live next to us. The results of each person’s work become everyone’s success. It is the same for our goals, which are shared and achieved through the combined effort of every person of our “big family.


I studied agriculture at the University of Turin, where I specialized in a two-year Viniculture and Enology program. At the moment, I represent the generation between that of my father—Giacomo Oddero—and of Isabella and Pietro, my niece and my son. They are the future of our company, and I am extremely happy of this future, as I imagine my father is too. I consider myself lucky because I love what I do. It’s stimulating and challenging every day, and year after year it allows me to watch the growth of vines in an extraordinary corner of the earth: our territory, which is so well-suited to
producing great wines. As a girl, I thought I would be working with colors. I wanted to study fabric colors in interior design or for clothes. I wanted to be a fashion designer or interior decorator, or better yet a costume designer for movies. But today I think that I work with colors without even having planned it. I live in the midst of the colors of the plants I cultivate, I gaze upon the colors of the sky, I study the colors of Barolo as it evolves slowly year after year. What is more wonderful than that?


My studies in literary-economics took me first to live in Milan, projecting me towards a career path that I later realized was different than what I wanted to take. I found my path among the historical family vineyards over time: it happened while I listened to the stories my grandfather Giacomo told and by watching my aunt work together with people who, over the years, have lived with us; people who know the value and sweat of working in the vineyards season after season.
I fell in love with the work that I’m so lucky to do today when, one day, in the company of people from all over the world, I realized that wine has a special power: like art, music, or sports, it touches you and knows how to speak to everyone in many different ways, as unique as each person is from another. It happens when you taste it and fall in love with this world.


After studying economics and international trade at the University of Turin, and after working at the winery of McLaren Vale in Australia, I began to positively consider the prospects of working in the family. And I’m grateful that I did. I’m the latest arrival at Poderi e Cantine Oddero by a few months.
I don’t have specific tasks, but instead I’m involved with everything, most of all what others don’t want to do. I listen to everyone with patience, work hard, and learn, but I also put in my own two cents. And something of my own is beginning to form…


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