Historical vineyards in the Township of Vinchio d’Asti

In the province of Asti and within the subzone of “Nizza,” Vinchio is one of the historic townships that produces this fascinating and intense Barbera. Our vineyard is a “heroic” one, to all effects. Its fully south-facing vineyards are sunny and warm and as steep as mountainside vineyards. Rainwater erodes the land enough so that we have to transfer the earth back to the vineyards almost every year.
Sometimes we have small landslides. The vineyard lies on a very old section of land, and the planting layout is very narrow, not fit for a tractor—so all work is by necessity manual. The soil is sandy, with fine- and medium-grained sands, limestone, and fine clay; it is a loosely-packed soil, inconsistent, and extremely dry in the summer. The plants often have a water shortage at the end of July and August, so we must pay special attention to pruning the leaves.


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