Frazione Santa Maria di La Morra – 6,85 hectares – Menzione Geografica del Barolo

An extensive area of vineyards with a mixed west and north-west exposure, planted with Nebbiolo, Barbera and white grapes - Riesling e Chardonnay - in the cooler zones. The upper part of this small, isolated hill, known as Bricaccio, and the southern section, are planted with Nebbiolo grapes for Barolo.
In the late 12th century, the hill of San Biagio was a strategic position due to the presence of a castle
surrounded by agricultural land and economically self-sufficient: a genuine medieval fief. The castle was still standing in the 15th century, but was later completely destroyed and, in the same century, the church of San Biagio dei Benedetti was built on the north-western ridge; hence the present-day name of the hill. Sadly, the church too is no longer there.


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